Grand Manan Organic’s Diversion Project

Village of Grand Manan Transfer Station

In 2012, Silk Stevens Limited was contracted by Village of Grand Manan to perform a Waste Management Study and identify new areas and opportunities to divert waste from entering the landfill and reduce trucking. A segment of this study included looking at organic waste and what diversion opportunities existed on the island.

Grand Manan is unique as all waste is privately delivered to the local transfer station as curbside pickup is not provided. This provides an excellent opportunity for participation in programs to reduce the amount of solid waste being transported to the landfill.

Please see the PDF files below for more information.

pdfGrand Manan Transfer Station - G-1 Site Location Plan

pdfGrand Manan Transfer Station - G-2 Site Plan

pdfGrand Manan Waste Management Study (July 2013)